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Cast List

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein - Claude Schmincke
Igor - Tyler Cicardo
Elizabeth Benning - Kait Holloway
Frau Blucher - Lauren Cooke
The Monster - Douglas Moore
Inga - Ali Gleason
Inspector Kemp - Steve Bartlow
The Hermit  - Sal Giacchi
Ziggy - Matt Yee
Dr. Victor Von Frakenstein - Nick D'Ambrosia
Mr. Hilltop - Michael Caggiano 
Telegraph Girl - AnnieRose Dimurro
The Herald/Mordecai - Patrick Mulrane

Featured Vocal and Dance Ensemble

Nick Solazzo
Hannah Teza
Patrick Mulrane
Colin Ward
Joseph Bryant
Maria O’Donnell
AnnieRose Dimurro
Anabelle O’Donnell
Nick D’Ambrosia
Donna Van Amen
Michael Caggiano
Emily Davis
Thea Sheridan
Jillian Moran
Gianna Verde
Sean Ferguson



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