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Scrooge 2017

Producer: Pat Barry
Director: Reid Henderson
Music Director: Mark Megill
Choreographer: Christine Baglivio


Cast List

Scrooge: Derek Hulse
Marley: Steve Bartlow
Past: Gwyneth Fahy
Present: Douglas Moore
Future: Frank Ryan
Bob Cratchit: Kevin Polke
Frederick: Thomas Kiesel
Tiny Tim: Hope Wilton
Kathy Cratchit: Fiona O’brien
Young Ebby: Joseph Walker
Young Fan: Catharine Little
Older Ebby: Stanley Skalecki
Older Fan: Erin Lucid
Fezziwig: Claude Schmincke
Mrs. Fezziwig: Laurett Gannon
Young Scrooge: TBD
Dick Wilkins: Aidan Hulse
Isabel: Maggie Skalecki
Puppeteer: Chase Auch
Tom Jenkins: Steve Baglivio
Ethel Cratchit: Colleen Hulse
Turkey Boy: Danny Di’tullio
Falalalala: Everly Coleman
Felicity: Alexandra Konczyk
Charity Gent: Michael Caggiano
Charity Gent: Frank Leonhardt
Debtor Woman: Ellen Miele
Debtor Woman: Denise Alderman
Toy Shop Owner: Rich Bryson

Erin Hardiman
Lauren Strahle
Keelin Mauri
Victoria Puharic
Anastasia Konczyk
Michele Clark
Keegan Foy
Cora Hunt
Lily Winchester
Erin Dwyer

Cratchit Children:
Maura Kerr
Kevin Polke
Addison Golden
Maggie Campbell
Abigail Gerdes
Liam Hulse
Darcy Furniss

Bell Ringers:
Kelly Reynolds
Amy Scraggs
Annabelle O’donnell
Juliana Saragusa
Kaitlyn Fromhold
Charlotte Canzoneri
Taylor Queen

Fezziwig Children:
Ben Ricker
Olivia Kutcher
Megan Spears
Tatiana Konczyk
John Patterson
Niamh Mauri
Jack Johnson
Van Jones
Greysen Kesler
Brenna Furniss
Matthew Breen
Chloe Rehill
Ava Abrahamson
Payton Siano
Cade Saito
Dylan Carnahan
Amelia Auch
Drexel Wean

Adult Ensemble:
Shannon Naughton
Maria O’donell
Mary Allegretta
Thea Sheridan
Erin Reilly
Ed Overstreet
Johnny Bongiovani
Dan Burke
Natalie Auch

Teen Ensemble:
Celia Mauri
Anna Drudy
Michaela Madonna
Maggie Schneider
Justine Bouton
Maddie Jost
Catina Schneck
Jake Mcnerney
Liam Marshall
Kelly Mannion
Justine Bouton
Kelly Reynolds
James Fritz
Brody Lippincott



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