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An 'Odd Couple' comes to Spring Lake

By Karen Meister

When one hears the name of prolific playwright Neil Simon, what usually comes to mind from all his outstanding efforts is his 1965 masterpiece “The Odd Couple.”

Masterpiece is the word and what the audience saw on stage at the Spring Lake Theatre this past weekend.

The contrast between the two main characters, Oscar Madison, a loveable but dysfunctional sports writer and his best friend, Felix Unger, a loveable, neurotic and obsessive news writer, creates the format for this rollicking comedy.

As long-term friends and poker buddies, they could tolerate each other’s differences from afar. However, the tide turns when Felix is thrown out of his house by his wife and arrives at Oscar’s doorstep. All chaos breaks out when their differences collide.

An example of conflict is seen when Felix wants his poker pals to use coasters, whereas, Oscar feels drinking from the bottle is best with no restrictions.

It gets so bad that a frustrated Oscar is ready to send Felix out on the street again; however when he actually does, he is broken hearted by the decision. Both men learn a very valuable lesson called “give and take.”

The characters portraying Oscar and Felix are just perfect for their roles. Oscar is played by Joe Ronga, with Felix played by Tim Walling. Both of these fine actors caught the dynamics of their character and made the show a laugh a minute.

Rounding out the cast is the poker players, performed by Derek Hulse, Eric Peduto, Bill Reinhard and Greg Schweers. Their unique personalities add additional flavor to the production.

Danielle Golba and Loretta Boyle play the “friendly” neighbors who just add more delightful confusion to the plot.

This zany production is directed by Jeff S. Kalecki and produced by Patricia Barry, who make it all happen, along with the behind-the-scenes stagehands, who deserve much credit.

If you want or need a laugh or two or more, you still have time to see this very comical play. It will be performed March 21 and 22 at 8 p.m. at the Spring Lake Theatre, 300 Madison Avenue, Spring Lake.

Visit for details and to purchase tickets online.