Few communities, especially ones the size of Spring Lake, have a resource as exceptional as The Spring Lake Community House. It was dedicated on July 4, 1923 by Oliver Brown, the mayor of Spring Lake and a state senator. From the beginning, it has been a place for the community to gather, learn, and enjoy. The founding mission of the Community House was - and remains:

"Here is a center where the best ideas and aspirations of the community may be converted into action given currency through expression. A community council, an open forum, an art theatre, clubs devoted to definitive civic ends, physical training through sports and games, the futherance and appreciation of music and art, classes and round tables devoted to specific educational needs, wholesome social recreation in all its phases, the cooperation of the entire community for the effective expression of community ideals - these are some of the possibilities implied in the existence of Community House."

From its inception, the building housed a 350-seat theater and various meeting rooms. It now also houses the Spring Lake Library. In its early years, it was the home to lectures, classes, and performances, as well as civic organizations. Renowned performers such as Helen Hayes and Paul Newman have graced its stage, as well as nationally recognized authors, historians and current Broadway performers.

Since 1978, the Theatre has been the home of the Spring Lake Theatre Company - probably the most well-known and popular member of the Community house "family". The Theatre was renovated in 1986 and is usually filled for every performance. The Spring Lake Theatre Company is known far and wide for producing Broadway-quality musicals, comedies, and dramas, with professionally talented casts, lavish sets and costumes, and show-stopping performances.

Each show season (July-May), the Company puts on six different shows, with the opening night ticket sales of each donated to a different, well-deserving area charity. Over 200 local families are assisted through this holiday outreach program each year.


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