Spring Lake Community House Christmas Fund

November 2011

The Spring Lake Community House Christmas Fund Drive volunteers are gathering to begin Work on our 24th year of outreach.  We are proud of our efforts and our team of Volunteers who want to bring a little joy to those in our own back yard who find themselves in need - and we count on you as part of that team.  Thanks to your generosity of spirit, you have helped us assist hundreds of area families- and thousands of children in the past two decades.

We turn to you again with the hope you are able to assist this year as well.  We understand that times are challenging all over and the resources aren’t nearly as plentiful for many of our donors as they once were.  This has never been more apparent to us as we continue our own on-going fund raising efforts to ensure the financial health and future of the Spring lake Community House.  But we also realize we can’t let our own on-going need get in th way of the more urgent needs of families struggling to put a holiday meal on the table and a few gifts and essentials under the tree for their young ones.

For a donation of $300, you can adopt the “children” from an entire family, providing their Christmas morning with unused toys and clothing as well as groceries they will need to enjoy a family Christmas dinner.  As in the past, we will of course gratefully accept any amount you might be able to add to oue efforts.  We are also looking for the generosity of time and effort from any people who would like to volunteer to shop, wrap and deliver gifts.  Please us the enclosed card to inform us how you might be able to help us in our efforts.
Rest assured, 100% of you donation goes to the families we are helping; the Community House covers all operating cost of the program. Regardless of what help you may be able to do, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday. 

With gratitude,

Pat Barry

As the Ghost of Christmas Present tells Scrooge.”There is never enough time to say or do all the things we wish.  The thing is to do as much as you can in the time that you have.”
-Charles Dickens